Robin Elackatt, the current District C Council Member has done a superb job during his last four years in office.

To give you a little background, Elackatt represents District C, which encompasses the subdivisions on the east side of Missouri City and the neighborhoods that surround the Highway 6 corridor. Most of District C’s neighborhoods are about 10 to 30 years newer than Quail Valley and its surrounding neighborhoods, which form the central section of Missouri City. So, the needs of District C and Quail Valley are vastly different. Because it is older, Quail Valley needs redevelopment and investment, while District C primarily has needed extensive sidewalk repair, more police presence,and Highway 6 median enhancement.

In each of these issues for District C, Elackatt has stepped up to the plate, made our case before the Council, and has got things done or is in the process of doing so. District C, in my opinion, very much needs for Elackatt to be re-elected.

Sidewalk repair has been an issue for First Colony-Missouri City residents for at least five years. During most of this time, Elackatt has been our Council Member. The repairs were needed due to upended sidewalks caused by the roots of “street trees,” planted between the sidewalk and the street. In many subdivisions, the sidewalks were so damaged that they were a hazard to pedestrians. Due to the large costs involved and a controversy about responsibility, Missouri City delayed repairs for years until Elackatt and residents convinced the City it was their obligation to repair the damage. Elackatt spent many hours demonstrating through pictures from residents that the sidewalks were indeed a safety hazard. This was a huge issue for District C and continues to be an issue due to ongoing problems with the repairs made and related issues.

Elackatt has been instrumental in seeing that police patrols are more frequent in east side neighborhoods, which have comparatively less crime than other areas of Missouri City. City officials have recently made the decision that Highway 6 medians through Missouri City will consist of grass, brick and concrete. This has upset residents because both Sugar Land, to our east, and Sienna Plantation, to our west, have both decided to plant trees, shrubs or other plants to enhance the medians. This has become a bigger issue as the City Council continues to spend and allocate money for Quail Valley amenities (including a $1.2 million Golf Cart Shed) and refuses to spend a few hundred thousand dollars for median improvement. We in District C are confident that Elackatt will help us prevail.

I personally think Elackatt is well suited to being a City Council Member. He is naturally friendly and has networked well with residents throughout District C. In his first election, Elackatt walked every neighborhood in his District twice to make sure that he had personal contact with every resident that he could. He’s been a dedicated and conservative politician who knows the issues and takes stands but also how to compromise. He takes time to attend our neighborhood meetings and wants to be informed about all community issues. Being a City Council Member for District is difficult and demanding and Elackatt has proven he has the skills to do the job well.

Howard Moline
Missouri City resident

Missouri City is a great City to live in. It is known for its great Parks, People and strong Police and Fire department. The political map consists of 4 districts, A,B,C and D and I am proud to be a part of District C. It is a district with safe neighborhoods and the strongest tax base which comes from business’ like Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Star Cinema grill just to name a few. District like this needs strong leadership and the Constituents of District C are very fortunate to have Councilman Robin Elackatt as their representative. He focuses on key issues, asks tough questions and has made a huge impact on the infrastructure in District C.

Councilman Robin Elackatt has a bright future ahead of him and if he decides to take a bigger role in Politics he has my support along with many of his Constituents.

Anthony Maroulis
District C

Councilman Elackatt is a great asset to Missouri City. He continues to apply a thoughtful and analytical approach to addressing the various issues facing Missouri City and its citizens. Along with his unique skills, Councilman Elackatt possesses the highest standards of ethics and integrity. He makes Missouri City and its citizens very proud.

Himesh Gandhi
Councilman, City of Sugar Land, Texas [At-Large, Position 1]

I am a resident of Colony Lakes and had the opportunity to serve on the Homeowners Association Board with Councilman Elackatt. It was him who worked very hard to get me elected to the Board. He walked everyday with me for canvassing votes. There were some days that I couldn’t make it out, but he would walk for me even by himself. I have seen his passion for whatever position he may hold. What I like most about him, he has a way to keep all of the board members happy and still get the job done. He will find a unique way to get everyone on the same page without hurting their feelings. To me, this is a true leader.

I believe I was on of the first few people that convinced him to run for City Council. I had a great time helping him with his campaign. Since elected, Robin is that same compassionate guy who always stand up for people and fight the fight. He is young and has a bright future ahead of him. I am very hopeful that he will continue the path of helping the common people. I am looking forward to his future campaigns. Go Team Elackatt!

Carolyn J. Flanagan
Resident, Colony Lakes