District C is fortunate to have Robin Elackatt as our Missouri City Councilman. Although the area spans many neighborhoods, he treats all citizens as his neighbors. He is both professional and personable in dealing with our questions and concerns. No issue looms too large nor seems too petty for his attention. He manages to stretch a 24 hour day much further than most people. His accessibility is noteworthy in that phone calls and emails are responded to promptly.

Speaking as a resident of Brightwater, I have heard only positive feedback from neighbors who have requested his assistance in matters as diverse as sidewalk repairs and mail delivery to coyote sightings. Not only is he willing to contact appropriate entities to resolve issues, he includes the inquiring party in the process. Providing this connection between City and citizen makes the maze of government less daunting. This leadership quality yields well-informed citizens.

Robin Elackatt is hands-on and consistently available to District C and beyond by attending HOA meetings, neighborhood gatherings and showing his support for our Police and Fire Departments during National Night Out. His commitment and dedication is an inspiration to all.

Diane Giltner
Brightwater Resident

The first time I met Robin Elackatt was when he knocked on my front door asking for my vote in the upcoming city council election. Robin listened to my concerns and I knew he could be trusted to make Missouri City better for all who live here. I wasn’t wrong. Shortly after he won the election in 2009, Mr. Elackatt resolved a very contentious issue over sidewalk improvements between my HOA and Missouri City.

Robin is a man of integrity and is dedicated to his family, work and the city in which he lives. He has one child enrolled in our school district and knows that strong schools build strong communities. I only wish more people in the City of Missouri City were as devoted to serve and improve the wonderful community in which we live.

Jenny Bailey
Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees

I am proud to say that I have known Robin Elackatt for about 5 years.  He is not only my city councilman in district C but in those 5 years he has become my friend.  Robin is not only the district C councilman but an advocate for the entire city as a whole.  He takes the time to personally become involved if a citizen anywhere in his district or anywhere in the city has a concern.  His devotion to his job is a breath of fresh air in this climate of political unrest from city government all the way to Washington.  We in Missouri City are fortunate to have a man like Robin who  gives to the city and citizens of Missouri City not only his valuable time but his expertise from the private sector.

I seem to be thanking Robin over and over for help or advice about some concern that I have, or any of my neighbors has.  In short, Robin gets things done.  Having known Robin for many years, he is exactly the man now that he was 5 years ago.  He has not changed his ideals or principles to conform.  I am proud to have Robin as my friend and especially proud that he is my councilman.

Jim White
Resident, District C - Missouri City

My name is Jojo Tharayil. I live in the same neighborhood as Councilman Elackatt.  He was our Homeowner’s Association (HOA) board member and the past President of the association.  He worked very hard for our neighborhood and was very instrumental in getting our HOA to where it is today.  I am currently serving on the HOA and MUD Board.  Councilman Elackatt is always just a phone call away and he is very quick to respond to his constituents via email and he may even show up at their door.  I have seen him walking around or biking our neighborhood, and he always take the responsibility as a resident, to email pictures of things needing our attention.  He is always making sure that the neighborhoods are patrolled by Police officers.  Our HOA can always count on Councilman Elackatt to make sure any projects from the City’s Public Works department will be taken care in a timely manner.  It’s been a pleasure of knowing him and been able to work with him.  One of the best quality that I see in him is that he holds everyone accountable including himself.  It’s hard to find politicians these days that are disciplined and has a lot of principle.

Jojo Tharayil
Colony lakes HOA VP