Support the bill for uniform election date.

As you may already know, the Texas legislators are in session and may take action on several bills that may of interest to you. As your Councilman, neighbor and/or friend, I appreciate the opportunity to keep you informed as together we continue to make our City, our County, Our State the best in the nation.

Recently, Republican, State Representative Drew Springer, filed HB 3049. The intent of the Bill is to establish a uniformed election date in the State of Texas. Why, because it is common sense. Here are the facts.

We all know that the first Tuesday, in the month of November of every year is Election Day in the United States; in Texas; in Fort Bend County, in Missouri City and in most states, counties and municipalities throughout this great nation. During those November elections, voter turnout is approximately 35% or higher. On the other hand, during the May elections, several published reports suggest a turnout as low as 8%.

If we truly support our Constitution; the rights of the people and their representation through a ballot, then the Bill in question makes perfect sense; and I support this Bill. Furthermore, the cost of running one additional election in May is significantly higher. Not to mention the impact of having a higher turnout to represent the will of the people.

This is simple common sense; higher turnout in November, lower cost, more opportunities for people to make their voices heard; it should also be a common practice. Call or email your state representative and tell them that you support a Statewide November election date… It just make sense…

Please write to the following people:

Rep. Drew Springer: (512)463-0526 or (940)759-6868

Rep. Rick Miller: (512)463-0710

Rep. Ron Reynolds: (512)463-0494

Rep. Phil Stephenson: (512)463-0604

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