Thank you for visiting my website; Welcome!

Friends/Neighbors/Residents and Constituents of District “C”:

Thank you for visiting my website; Welcome!

Welcome to the upgraded version of my website. As you visit, you should notice a few changes, which were all designed with you, my supporters in mind. My goal is to provide you with timely information about the work you elected me to do on the Missouri City Council on behalf of the residents in District “C.” We redesigned the site to make it easier and hopefully quicker to find information that is of importance and relevant to you, your family, your business, and our community. My goal for this site is in line with my heartfelt desire to improve my service to you each day, and hope you’ll find it both helpful and enlightening.
From my site, you should be able to request my personal attention to a matter that is important to you. I’m working every day on your behalf. Also, you may use this two way informational exchange vehicle to let me know what’s on your mind; your ideas for improving our City and how I can best serve you.

I hope you like the improvement on the site, and will return often to see what’s new, tell me what’s new with you and yes, even to tell me what I need to do better.


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